The Little Engine That Could

Just when I think I have a running schedule that works for me, that I can stick to, it all goes to hell again.  This week I didn’t run on Friday because I just didn’t feel very good and had kind of a migraine in the making.  I finished a sock instead, always an acceptable substitute.

The Wednesday before I DID manage to run 6 km in the morning before most of the world was up and around.  I took this photo, which almost shows what I was trying to capture.  If you look in the water at the reflection of the trees, you can see bands of green.  In person these were beautiful bands of green algae.  The water was so calm.  Not a fish or bird was disturbing the algae and it just streamed out along the slow moving water.  Even my lousy iPhone camera managed to capture just a little of this green loveliness.  Oh, and the 6 km run was nice too.

This morning I went out for an 8 km run, which went very well.  I’m still ok on my Dam to Dam schedule, but I have to say that at the end of this 8 km run I was thinking “Oh MAN! This is only HALF of the Dam to Dam!”  Will I be able to keep to the training and make the whole 16 km?  I feel kind of like The Little Engine That Could.  I just keep trudging along, doing my best, not giving up even when my body doesn’t want to continue and my mind is too tired.  Is it optimism and stubbornness that keeps me going?  Probably those things, plus a good fear of getting old and not being able to move anymore.  Fight old age!  Keep moving!  Arthritis can’t catch me if I’m fast enough!

At the half way point this morning I was at the outskirts of Velserbroek.  It’s really the Dutch version of suburbs.

There’s water.  There are modern apartment buildings, brand new.  There are bike lanes and no car lanes.  It’s created in the polder where there used to be only water or marsh.  The highway is just a short distance away for that commute to the city or train station.

I’ll get around to updating my running schedule soon.  It’s all stored online so I won’t lose the history.  It’s more important that I keep running than to keep a running diary.

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