Thar Be Beasties

I finally got around to running today.  I had a lovely lie in til 9am (!) and didn’t eat any breakfast til 11am, which meant that I wasn’t going to run any time before noon.  I actually left the house around 1pm.  The weather is a lot cooler today than yesterday and it was mostly cloudy.  Perfect for a 10k run.

I biked to the edge of the dunes and started running.  I seriously have no sense of direction.  I thought that the last 2 km was pointing me directly to the beach and I was almost to the water.  Ha!  I got home and looked up my route on the map and saw how I just made a big arc and went out of my way to avoid the beach.  At least now I know and I’m sure next week I will make it to the water.

I did see some wild life!  Above you see the wild bovines I ran into on the trail.  They look like guards don’t they?  “You will not pass this way you running fool!”  I walked around them through the small meadow to the right of this photo.  On the way back they were still there but had spread out even more so I had to walk pretty close to 2 of these beasts to get by them.  They didn’t move, but they sure eyed me.

At the 5 km mark I came up to a hill and was about to turn around but then saw a group of wild horses.  I had no idea there were also wild horses in these dunes.  They were a lot more skittish than the cows.  You couldn’t get close to them.

But, you ask, how was the run?  Pretty good!  It’s the first time I’ve run 10k as a training run since last August while also training for the Dam to Dam.  I felt heavy and a bit tired, but I didn’t have any pain anywhere, which is a triumph.  It used to be I was fighting with shin pain.  Then it was knee pain.  Those things seem to have passed.  I think my next challenge will be mental.  I have arguments with myself these days.  At 3 km my bad brain says “you know, you don’t have to do this”.  I ignore it.  At 4 km I hear “man, I’m bored and it’s only 4 km”.  At 5 km it’s “well, this is half way, you know you could walk all the way back and no one would care”.  It’s tough to fight all those bad voices.  From km 6-9 I have beat my bad brain and body into submission and it realizes there’s no choice but to go on.  I’m not going to fake my own kidnapping just to get out of finishing the run.  At 9.5 km I’m just tired and trudge to the final 10k mark.  Done.  Check.  Next week let’s do it again!

2 thoughts on “Thar Be Beasties

  1. Cybèle August 2, 2009 / 23:05

    bad voices? I have NO idea what you’re talking about 😉

  2. Karen August 3, 2009 / 20:53

    Wow! You really do have beasties in your corner of the world! I’m glad they left you alone. Good for you on your run. You’re an inspiration!

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