Amsterdam vs. Fox = no contest

Fox “News” is usually full of crap, and this stunt is no different than their usual nonsense trying to pass itself off as “news”.  They reported not long ago that “Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption, crime, eveything is out of control. It’s anarchy.”  Wow.  I missed that day.

Here’s a little summary of what they reported.  And HERE is a Dutch person’s response, which has become a hit on YouTube.  Be sure to note the FACTS in the film, and also the CREDITS at the end. Thank you Robbert Nieuwenhuijs for making this movie.

Sorry to put the shouting ALL CAPS in this post, but this kind of crap on tv just infuriates me.  How many Americans believe this kind of nonsense?  Fox should be shut down on the grounds that it is propaganda against other countries, races and beliefs.  First Amendment or not, racism, xenophobia and just plain stupidity should be illegal.

Tonight on BBC 2 is a documentary by Louis Theroux about a city addicted to crystal meth. The city? Fresno, California, not 60 miles from where I grew up. You bet I’ll be watching it and I’ll let you know what I think about it. I’ll probably record it. Here’s a quote from the BBC:

Louis Theroux visits Central Valley, California – home to some of the most impoverished rural towns in America, where crystal-meth addiction is among the most prolific in the USA.

In Fresno, Louis finds a community ravaged by this cheap and highly addictive drug. It is hard to find anyone whose life hasn’t been touched by this drug in one way or another.

As he infiltrates the town, Louis comes face to face with meth abuse as addicts invite him into their homes. He becomes surrounded by the madness of daily addiction and the meth-addled confusion which is breaking this society apart.

Louis sees its impact through the eyes of the local police force and meets Diane and Karl, a couple who have sustained their marriage, despite 25 years of meth addiction and the loss of the custody of their five children.

At residential centre Westcare, Louis sees the work being done to combat the destruction caused by the drug. Run by ex-addicts, the centre offers a six-month rehab programme. Louis sees the extraordinary challenges faced by the centre which deals with a whole range of issues: from old timers, who repeatedly return to rehab programmes; to young meth-addicted families; and babies who are born, hooked, to mothers who are trying to care for them while trying to kick their own habit.

At Westcare, Louis meets Senteka, the mother of a teenaged daughter. Senteka is making a last-ditch attempt to kick meth in order to make up for missing her daughter’s childhood. As the majority of those attempting to kick their addiction eventually relapse, all Louis can do is hope that Senteka is telling the truth when she swears that she is “clean”.

Addiction is laid bare as Louis seeks out the stories and the people behind the drug.

I can’t imagine any story like this in the Netherlands.  OK, Volendam is the butt of many drug related jokes, but nothing to this extreme.  I was thinking today while riding a tram around Amsterdam – we are so lucky here.  This is the biggest city in the country and we feel safe and people are taken care of.  I dare those Fox talking heads to come here and tell the truth.

One thought on “Amsterdam vs. Fox = no contest

  1. Debbie de Geus August 10, 2009 / 00:27

    Its disgusting that this cr$p was even put on the air! I LOVE Amsterdam and I have no problem taking my girls into the city! Before these people open their mouths, they need to go and spend at least 2 weeks there, in the city, walking around the streets and taking boat rides in the canals.

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