I Made It To The Beach!

Today I ran to the beach and back!  I’m so excited about that.

Last week I ran in the dunes and thought I was close to the beach.  It turned out I wasn’t, but I could see on Google Maps where I SHOULD have run to reach the beach in a reasonable distance.  That’s what I did today.  I kept to the bike route instead of the walking routes and made it to Parnasia.  Here’s where I ran:

As you can see, there are trees only in the first short section.  After that I’m running without shade.  On the way out it was a little overcast so I wasn’t bothered by the sun.  On the way back there were no clouds and I was baking.  Also, you don’t realize it, but the beach is actually at sea level, which is lower than the starting point.  Duh.  Running back felt uphill all the way.

But at the beach I was so excited to have made it there!  I took a quick break to take the photo above and use the bathroom (must remember to bring a 50 cent piece next time so I don’t have to sneak under the turnstile).  Then headed back.  All in all it was 11 km that I ran.  I walked about 1 km back to my starting point once I finished the 11 km of running.  It’s actually about 12 km in total from my start at the hockey fields and parking lot.

Next week?  Do it again!!

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