Sewing. It’s The New Knitting.

Some of my knitting friends have also started sewing.  It’s the new in thing.   Normally they’ve been meeting during the day and sewing all day together in G.’s fabulous work space.  I work a normal job of course and could never join.  This last Thursday night they met in the evening just for me.  Ahhhhhh.

C., on the left, is a long time sewer and is really a pro.  Andy, on the right, is just getting into it.  He’s working on some lounging around the house pants.  C. was making a tailored shirt.

This is G. and her fabulous art quilt.  You can’t see it from this distance, but there are see through “windows” in the quilt and some pretty fancy stitch work in there.  She was also working on a wall hanging that is also really beautiful.

Me?  I was busy just cutting out the dress I will wear to M. & J.’s wedding in October.  I figure I will spend every Sunday in September working on this damn dress, cursing myself for thinking this was a good idea instead of just buying one.  I also have to finish the Muir shawl to go with it, which is only 1/3 done so far and make M.’s bolero in silk which goes with her wedding dress.  Why do I do this to myself?  Cuz I’m a craft fiend, that’s why, and because I know that I CAN do these things I jump right in and start.  If only I didn’t have to work a real job!

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