Knitnic in the Park

In June we celebrated KIP by meeting up in the Westerpark and had a bbq/picnic.  We had so much fun that we all thought we should do it again while the weather was still good.  C., who just got back from Sock Summit, could only make it today, so that’s the day we choose, and man what a glorious day it has been!  The weather could not have been more perfect.

We met up at 13.00 and shared food and knitting stories.  C. showed us PART of her newly acquired stash.  We also raffled off the goodies that Bobbi brought us last Monday.

You can read all about last Monday night SnB here on Bobbi’s blog, along with photos.  She was just visiting Amsterdam, and had asked us via Ravelry if she could bring us anything from the U.S.  Well, of course she could!  I asked for a Target store, a good Mexican restaurant and some mountains so we could ski in the winter.  C. asked for chipmunks, which we don’t have here in NL.

Bobbi showed up Monday night with:  a fabric shopping bag from Target, a stack of Mexican food seasoning packs, a postcard with mountains on it, and a little toy monkey with stretchy arms for C.  Too funny and very sweet!  And THEN she pulled out the best goodies of all:  a knitting bag, some colorful buttons, a magnetic notepad, a sheep magnet, and last but certainly not least, a skein of Araucania yarn!!!  What a nice thing to do!  It was an embarrassment of riches.  We decided to raffle these off at our Saturday picnic, or Knitpic as one member named it.

There were some partners at the party and we included them also in the name drawing for the presents.  We kind of figure, if partners can put up with us for an afternoon, they should count as extra points.  Partners at a knitting event make it feel less cultish and more normal.  It’s good to have “regular” people around to keep us from being totally singleminded.  So we are happy if they participate!  I was especially happy about it today, because look what my partner, DB, won!

This is Araucania sock yarn.  I really struggled to get a photo as true to the real colors as possible.  The colorway is Multy, and it is certainly multi! but leans heavily to green and purple.  I really really like it.  However, I think I like it more for a small shawl than for socks.  It would be a shame to hide these colors on your feet.  Any ideas for a fingering weight shawl you can make with 376 yards?

It was really a fun fantastic afternoon.  I really love these gatherings and love my knitting friends.  We’re already planning the next event(s).

4 thoughts on “Knitnic in the Park

  1. Cassandra August 15, 2009 / 22:18

    Thanks again for organising, it was a great day!

  2. louise August 15, 2009 / 23:14

    Someday I’m gonna hop on a plane to Schipol to come join in all the fun you guys seem to keep

  3. yvonnep August 16, 2009 / 12:31

    Thanks indeed, for planning and organising. It was lovely! I could have stayed knitting in the grass on my blanket for ever. How are the photos of your lovely little socks?

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