Mind Games and Planned Obsolescence

Today I went running around Sloterplas in Amsterdam.  Why would I get in my car and drive 15 minutes to find someplace to run?  10% nostalgia, 40% it’s a nice place to run, 50% mind games.  You see, the running path around Sloterplas is almost exactly 6 km and I was supposed to run 12 km today.  So, it’s easy to simply say “Oh, just run twice around Sloterplas!  No sweat!”  It’s a mind game.  It’s a psych out.  It works.  Like I said last week, running is now becoming as much a mind game as it is a physical challenge.  Anything that helps to kid myself into thinking something is easier and doable – I’m in there.

It was actually lovely in the park today.  There were quite a few runners (but nothing like the crowds at the Vondelpark) and I even recognized a few from the times a year ago when I used to run there every week.

But how was the run?  Well….. the first 9 km were pretty good.  Slow, but good.  But then I hit a wall.  After 11 km’s I really felt like my legs were going to freeze in running position and I would just fall over and someone would find me laying there,  in running position, unable to move.  When a sharp pain in my shin didn’t go away after 10 seconds, I stopped and walked the rest of the way to 12 km.  Ah well.  I ALMOST made it.

I took a few photos along the way, quickly stopping and snapping.  Unfortunately my little Sony Cybershot is really acting up.  About 2 weeks ago the shutter release button started to get stuck.  Clunk. Creak.  And as of yesterday afternoon, the colors also started causing problems.  The above photo is the only good one of the day and even it is overexposed.  The rest were REALLY overexposed.  What a bummer.

This camera is JUST one year old.  I bought it from Amazon.com and by the time I figure out how to get anything from my 1 year warranty, the year will be up.  I only have hours.  This really pisses me off.  ONE YEAR!!!  Come on!  I feel really ripped off.

I started investigating what a replacement camera might be.  My favorite site for camera reviews is www.dcresource.com.   I think probably a Panasonic is in the cards for me.  I checked prices in the U.S.  I checked prices here in NL.  Of course they are a lot cheaper in the U.S., however when you factor in the 1 year warranty maybe I’m better off buying one here.  Here in NL, and I think in every EU country, there must be at least be a 2 year warranty on products.  That’s worth something.  And also I can always go back to the shop and slap the camera on the counter and say “fix it!”.  For 2 years.  That’s worth a lot too.

2 thoughts on “Mind Games and Planned Obsolescence

  1. Cassandra August 17, 2009 / 14:05

    I have a Panasonic and really like it — all the latest photos on my blog have been taken with it. The flash isn’t great, but it’s quite good with low light. Check it out!

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