New Toy

No, the cat is not the new toy.  He’s old.  Really old.  What is new is the camera that took his photo.  I am now the proud owner of one Panasonic DMC-TZ7.  (It is sold in the U.S. under the model name DMC-ZS3, don’t ask me why).  My trusty Sony Cybershot just wasn’t working well anymore.  I fought for an hour with software and photo image to try to get a decent photo of some yarn on Sunday.  Today with the new camera I just aimed and shot and look what came out:

Nice, huh?

So, why a new camera in such a hurry?  Cuz I take photos nearly every day, that’s why!  And we are going tomorrow to PukkelPop and I want to take photos (and yes, we have house sitters for house and cat).

I scraped up some money and went shopping.  Actually, the money scraping for the most part was purely coincidental.  It’s a long story, but my employer screwed up my pay for a few months (making a very long story short) and they are finally paying me the back due at the end of this month.  Without interest I might add (it’s been going on for a year now), but I’m too sick of the story to argue about .5% possible interest.  Anyway….. the shopping….

I first checked all the online prices to know what I COULD pay by shopping online.  Then I went to a camera shop on het Spui in Amsterdam.  I was willing to pay a little extra for personal service.  What I WASN’T prepared to pay was 80 euros more!!!  They must be kidding!  I went to another camera shop in Amsterdam and their price was only 40 euros more than the online price, but it had to be ordered.  I was then frustrated.

Then I flew off to Sweden for 2 days of meetings (I actually just got home, kissed the hub quickly, then dug into the camera box and am writing this post – but I do get ahead of myself).

DB and I continued to sms each other on the camera situation.  He found it on for a good price and I said to go ahead and order.  I am amazed to say that it took 24 hours from order to home delivery, and at the best price.  Pretty impressive.

I love new toys.  This one is pretty exciting.  12x zoom in a small size.  Nice macro photos (see above).  Loads of scene modes and also the ability to program your own (kind of).  Here’s a review from my favorite camera info site.

It’s not a new digital SLR, but for a small compact camera, I think I’m going to love it.

Did I mention it does HD movies????

One thought on “New Toy

  1. Christopher August 20, 2009 / 23:42

    Congrats on the new camera – having been there for some of the death throes of the last one – I expected the news…. The new pics (and the yarn) look great – that’s some good looking macro! (and the old cat looks adorable too!)

    Enjoy Pukkelpop!

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