4 Days Off – Day 3, Back to Belgium!

Here I am, Saturday morning, back at Pukkelpop in lovely Belgium.  Let’s see, that makes it 3 hours driving on Thursday, again on Friday, and oh! once again on Saturday.  Let’s not talk about Dutch traffic, ok?

Anyway, back to Pukkelpop…. where you can get your hair cut for free….

Where you can be the only 1 out of 55,000 people knitting…..

And where you can see a lot of bands with funny names….

The Airborne Toxic Event
The Airborne Toxic Event

I didn’t take very many photos on Saturday, mainly because the battery was about dead.  Most of these photos DB took on Friday while I was in Amsterdam.  The last band we saw Saturday night was Deus, a Belgian band that is BIG here and have been big for many many years.  We probably should have stayed to see The Arctic Monkeys since we heard later that they were really really good.  Ah well.  We were beat.

It was quite a luxury to stay with friends instead of camping out.  THANKS to M. and D. and their hospitality.  You guys are welcome at our house any time.

So, will I go back to Pukkelpop?  Well…. to tell the truth, I missed LowLands.  I miss the other things going on besides the music, like performance art, sculptures, jugglers, clowns, movies, things you can participate in like creating an sms novel that is projected on a wall as it happens, the silent disco, and so much more.  LowLands is a cultural arty event.  Pukkelpop is music only.  It’s GOOD music and a good festival!  And PukkelPop is definitely cheaper than LowLands.   No matter which festival you go to, it’s no secret that they are expensive.  I’m already looking forward to next year!

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