Special Guest at a Full Table

Last night at de Jaren we had a special guest.  Nancy invited Jay Rich to join us at our Stitch ‘n Bitch meet up.  Jay is a well known expert in Shibori, a Japanese tie dye technique.  After seeing Jay’s samples I have to say that “tie dye” as I know it is kindergarten stuff compared to what Shibori is.  He showed us piece after piece of intricate and complex dyed fabrics that were just so beautiful.  Some had geometric patterns, some with organic designs like cranes.  He described a bit of the process, which I won’t even try to repeat as I’d get it completely wrong.  It’s complicated.  It’s like a chemistry class.

Jay is teaching a class at the textile school/museum in Tilburg this week.  What a treat to have a peek at his samples and to hear his stories.

Our SnB group is getting pretty big!  It wasn’t so long ago that we’d be happy if 3-4 people showed up on a Monday night.  Last night there were 13 of us.  We don’t fit around the big table anymore!

I wonder how much Ravelry has influenced the growth of our group.  We have a Group there now.  People just passing through Amsterdam are dropping in to knit with us.  New members appear who have lived in Amsterdam for a while.  Let’s see if they all still show up when it’s winter and the wind is blowing a gale and the rain is pouring down!  Let’s see if I still show up!

One thought on “Special Guest at a Full Table

  1. louise August 29, 2009 / 17:29

    Your knitting group looks so much more fun than mine (shh!) and the venue looks fantastic!

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