A Horse With No Name

Some people have been to the dunes in North Holland many times without ever seeing the wild horses or the cattle.  I saw both again today.  The horses were standing all around the bike path, and in the end 3 of them were standing right on the bike path so you had to go around them.  One of them actually let me touch him.  I was honored.

It was a VERY windy day today.  The wind was in my face all the way on the run to the beach and it really knocked me back.  I stopped to take a photo of the clouds, and at the beach I stopped long enough to drink something and snap a few photos.

Look at all the kite surfers!  There were even more down the other direction towards Zandvoort but I couldn’t get a good photo of them.  These were pretty big waves for the North Sea.

I ran back through the dunes and back to my car.  It was not a good run.  I only managed to actually run 8 km and walked the other 3.  I took advantage of the surroundings and tried to enjoy being out in the green and trees and not to worry about the fact that this was not a good run.  It really is pretty out here in the dunes, but I’m always reminded how small this area is and just around the corner are people and bikes and civilization.  I sometimes crave a wilderness that doesn’t exist here.

I start to worry about making the Dam to Dam (10 miles / 16 km).  It’s only 3 weeks away!  I missed an entire 10 days of training since going to PukkelPop and after that having a headache for a few days.  If I had had to run it today I would not have made it in the 2 hour limit.  I would have had to walk.  What will change in the next 3 weeks to make that situation so much better?  All I can do is pick it up again and do my best.

When I got home I showered and then ate some lunch.  DB and I have this ritual of eating open faced sandwiches on the weekend.  We cover the bread with a variety of toppings and make a kind of sample set of sandwiches for ourselves.  Here’s what I had today:

The light brown stuff is smoked mackerel.  The white stuff is “North Sea Salad” with shrimp, salmon and crab.  Both of those, as well as the bread, are from Marqt.  Above sits PB&J which Dutch people find disgusting.  And on the right is pure Dutch food – bread with butter and hagelslag on top.  Hagelslag (chocolate hail) comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and what I have above is extra dark chocolate.  Mmmmmm lekker!

Now, I’m off to the attic to work on my dress for my niece’s wedding coming up soon.  The weekends go by so fast.  Seriously, I just don’t have time for WORK!

2 thoughts on “A Horse With No Name

  1. Terri Farley August 31, 2009 / 05:48

    What lovely wild horses! I would love to hear more about them.
    Of course, I’d love to try Hagelslag, too.
    Best wishes from wild Nevada,

  2. Andy Baker September 2, 2009 / 20:33

    I like the idea of a ritual/tradition and eating the same thing on the weekends, except that I don’t think I’d like just open faced sandwiches. I love that you have pb&j. Fred (like most Dutchies) thinks it’s disgusting. And I like the idea of going on bike rides to the beach. (Better not let Fred see this.) And because of the title of this post, I had a certain song stuck in my head for about an hour today.

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