My Own Project Runway

In the past week I’ve been a crafting fiend. Last Sunday I started sewing my dress for the big day in October, and I’m also madly trying to knit on Muir to get it done in time for the same day. The day in question is my niece’s wedding. I am also sewing her a bolero to wear on the day.

I don’t have photos of the bolero, and I won’t either until I have photos of the wedding itself. It wouldn’t be right to show off someone’s wedding outfit on a blog before the big unveiling (so to speak) on her special day, now would it?!

I do, however, have a photos of my dress in progress. Here is it.

It looks pretty good, don’t you think? Unfortunately, it probably looks really good on someone else, but not on me. Here’s the pattern envelope, which is all you have to go on before you jump in and start sewing:

I really like this pattern, and even though there’s no chance in hell that I’ll ever have a waistline like that, I figured I could adjust the pattern for my more rectangular body. Unfortunately, I also would have to have breast implants to make this dress fit like the pattern should fit. It just doesn’t fit me well and doesn’t suit my body.

The pattern construction is very interesting and not at all for a beginning sewer. The very top bodice piece is fully lined and the sleeves are all part of the top. I’ve spent about 5 hours on that piece above, but I’m going to chalk it up to experience and do something different.

I’m going to make the bottom skirt part into just a skirt with a waist band. I have a couple of options for blouses already in my closet to go with the fabric, but if that doesn’t work I’ll shop around in San Francisco just before the wedding to find a suitable blouse to go with it. I also still need to find shoes, so shopping is already on the agenda.

So, sigh. It was a good idea and I really thought it would be a great dress. It probably is, for someone else. But not for me, and I don’t have time to redesign an already tricky pattern to make it fit me and start all over.

A skirt will be quick and easy to make. THAT I can do in a weekend!

I’m off now to make the bolero, which I feel very confident about since I’ve already made the test bolero, sent it off to the bride, who loved it. It fit her perfectly. I only need to make the back of neck ruffles a little shorter and it’s a done deal! I’m now going to go cut into some lovely white silk fabric. SCARY! šŸ™‚

One thought on “My Own Project Runway

  1. Christopher September 10, 2009 / 11:55

    Hey Alex –

    I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit like you’d like after all the work (it looks beautiful!). The skirt part as just a skirt will still be lovely.

    As far as breast implants…. how about a pack of krentenbollen – can be adjusted for size, and then you have a snack handy if the service gets too long šŸ˜‰

    I guess the pattern company should also include a pattern for vintage foundation garments; as these days, noone has the right stuff for that sloped shoulder/pointy boob/tiny waist look. Noone is born to look that way – it’s all packaging!

    The bright side is: with a less intricate top, more attention will be available for the Muir – which looks very impressive. Will you please post a pic of the whole ensemble when it’s done (or after the wedding, if you want to save the surprise)? I’m eager to see the whole outfit put together!

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