Mystery Sock Progress

I’m participating in the SKA September KAL challenge.  They are all Ravelry links, so sorry about that for the non-Ravelry folks.  We get a new set of clues every week and we have no photos except our own to look at.  I’ve just finished clue #2 on both the socks.  We got clue #3 last Tuesday so I’m about a week behind.  We have until October 31 to finish them so I’m very confident I’ll be done in time.

And what do you get if you follow the rules and finish in time?  You get a chance to win one of the 14 prizes on offer!  They are really good prizes so I’m going to do my best to finish.  I know there’s a very small chance of winning since there are so many people participating (some hundreds).  It’s fun anyway!

One thing I think is very cool is that a group of Dutch knitters have created their own shadow forum on Ravelry where they are translating the clues and helping each other out with the pattern, all in Dutch.  Y. is spending a lot of time on this and it’s very generous of her to do it!  Ga er voor!

If I don’t finish these before we leave for California, I’ll take them with me on the plane to finish.  I have another traveling project in mind for the rest of that trip….

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