I’m a Winner!

I won! I won!  Purely randomly of course, but still I won!

The above socks were started on September 4th and finished on October 8th, somewhere over Greenland while flying to California.  Yes, Dorothy, they do allow knitting needles on planes these days.

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Solid and I used 2.25mm needles throughout.  The pattern is “Fox Faces” by Nancy Bush.  She designed them as the mystery sock for the September SKA KAL (that’s Sock Knitters Anonymous Knit ALong).  It’s a group on Ravelry.  Every month there’s a new pair of socks to knit (you have 2 months to finish, but each month has its own set of rules and patterns and you have to cast on sometime during the official month).

For this September KAL there were 649 pairs of socks knit that fit into the rules of the game.  649!!  Everyone is assigned a number as you finish.  I was number 500.  Lucky 500 I guess.  When the time period is over the leader of this group goes to a random number generator site and asks for numbers.  This month there were 14 prizes to be won.  My number 500 was the 14th number to show up.  Yippee!!

What did I win?  A skein of sock yarn from Lori’s Etsy shop.  She kettle dyes sock yarn, by hand.  Lovely stuff.  I picked out a dark purple skein.  I hope it’s still available.  I’ll let you know.  There will be photos.

One thought on “I’m a Winner!

  1. Andy Baker November 4, 2009 / 01:07

    Congrats, hon! That’s so great. I love winning, even when it’s just a random drawing. And there were so many entries! Of course the idea of a contest made me want to enter, but socks are so not my thing right now. And you – most people – have smaller feet.

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