Welcome to Fall

This morning I did like every normal Dutch person – I put on my rain pants, my Gortex jacket, gloves, and got on my bike.  It was raining like hell.  I discovered a few things on this first rainy commute to work:

1.  Cheap rain pants don’t last more than 2 seasons.  Mine are entering their 3rd season and no longer keep the wet out.  Yuck.

2.  When your black leather shoes leak water in through the bottom, it turns your bright yellow hand knit socks a yucky black color.  Both shoes in the same place.  Both socks kind of ruined.

3.  When you leave your umbrella on the bench at the train station, no one will call out to you to tell you this.  No one will chase you down to give you your left behind umbrella.  I know exactly where I left it.  There were a lot of people sitting and standing right there.  I’m sure at least one person saw me get up and walk away from my bright white umbrella.  I was stupid, but someone was antisocial.  I’m sure of it.

Now all of the above leaves me with 3 things things to do this Saturday (in addition to the list I already have):

1.  Buy some new rain pants.  Maybe some better than the cheap kind.  Something that will last a while.

2.  Buy some new winter shoes.  I’m going to go to the Wolky shop.  I like their shoes, and I know for a fact that if your shoes spring a leak, if you have the receipt, they will replace them, even after a year.

3.  Try to salvage my socks.  If I can’t get this black stain out I will just have to dye them navy blue.  I bought lots of dyes at iKnit Weekend in September and maybe this will be my first chance to try it out.  Sigh.

I already bought a replacement umbrella.  I bought it at the HEMA at the Amsterdam train station.  I had to.  It was still raining.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Fall

  1. Lou November 5, 2009 / 21:56

    Sounds like one of those days. Shame about the socks but it’s only the on sole isn’t it? I did a link to them on yesterdays post.

  2. Cassandra November 6, 2009 / 09:42

    Oh NOOOOO! I (well, the rain plus my black leather jacket) ruined my orange cardigan the other day but at least I hadn’t knitted it myself. What a drag, I’m sorry!

  3. Cybèle November 6, 2009 / 15:13

    I’m in Holland next weekend for the Sinterklaasintocht – can it please stop raining before then? (having said that, I don’t mind buying an umbrella at the Hema. If I go missing, chances are you’ll find me hiding inside a Hema. Just to get my fix).

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