Finally Here!

Look what opened today at the Amsterdam Central Station!  Finally.  Before today the only place you could get a Starbucks coffee was at Schiphol Airport (since 2 years ago) or at Nike HQ in Hilversum (since 1 year ago).

I always thought it strange that Starbucks has their European HQ here in Amsterdam but you couldn’t BUY a Starbucks coffee anywhere.  What was up with THAT?

They opened this morning at 9:00am.  I passed by, and took this photo, at 7:00pm this evening.  It was very busy with a line of people waiting to be served.  I hope they open earlier than 9am every morning.  I can only imagine that this was the first day opening time.  Otherwise they’ll miss most of the commuters in the morning and they’ll certainly miss ME!  That would be a real shame.

3 thoughts on “Finally Here!

  1. Christopher November 6, 2009 / 21:35

    I’ve been walking past this one this week watching their ‘x days left’ countdown.

    I feel very ambivalent about it…

    There’s been one in the Utrecht Station for a while now – I have NEVER seen it without a line – no matter what time of day….

    I always felt a little proud about the Netherlands being one of the last places where you didn’t see a Starbuck’s on every single corner. Good coffee is easy to find here without them.

    Having said that – every once in a while, one has to succumb to the lure of something grotesquely satisfying, like an egg nog latte. (of course, not wanting to wait 15 minutes and miss my train, I haven’t succumbed yet.)

    What remains to been seen is if they will find a way to serve people efficiently enough to not have a line out the door always, and if the quality of the coffee is good enough justify the (probably pretty high) price. Will Holland ever accept paying for ‘image’ on a product that they drink buckets of, and already at pretty good quality?

    Still – if I am in the mood for a liquid dessert – and I see any sign of the icky seasonal treats (pumpkin pie latte – gingerbread latte!) that I associate with long waits in transfer airports at the holidays – I’ll miss the train, pay the price.. and let you know!

  2. eko November 7, 2009 / 06:32

    I lived in NL for a year and was so pleased NOT to see a SB’s there (but for the two places you mentioned but I didn’t go either place regularly ;-)) — Anyway, you have some of the best coffee in the world without needing SB’s. JMO 😉 I do like Douwe Egbert!

  3. Cybèle November 8, 2009 / 20:25

    Last year one of my blog friends wrote about her Starbucks in the States, describing the Christmas decorations (they were giant yarn balls). Imagine my surprise when next time I walked into our Starbucks (or Tsarbucks as one of my colleagues calls them), I saw exactly the same decorations? I think it’s such a shame that it has to be the same all over the world. Having said that, we do pop in there fairly regularly, as the kids enjoy going there too. In Holland, I just want to visit my Hema cafe 🙂

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