Purple to Cheer Me Up

It’s been kind of a crappy day.  It started with a discussion about house chores, got worse with work emails that I shouldn’t have read, but did, and they annoyed me, then I had to go into Haarlem and fight the crowds for everything.  I sometimes hate people.  There are just crowds here where ever you go and I get fed up with it.  I’m tired also of the passive-agressive way people pretend you aren’t there while they cut you off in traffic (in a car, on a bike, even while walking).  More on THAT subject another time.  The best part of my day was going to the gym to get set up with a new workout routine that will help get my back and knee strong again so that I can run again soon.  More on THAT subject also another time.  It’s really quiet at the gym on a Saturday afternoon.  Why?  Because everyone is shopping.

After the gym I went to the Albert Hein, the most expensive grocery store chain in NL.  I go there when I want “nice” food.  They have nice house baked bread.  The meat is the best you’ll find in a grocery store.  They have the “odd” vegies that the other stores don’t carry, like sweet potatoes or corn on the cob.  Well guess what.  If you go there on a Saturday afternoon after 4, it’s like going into an Eastern European shop.  The shelves are empty.  Oh there are lots of PEOPLE.  Hundreds of them.  First fighting for parking, then fighting for cart space in the aisles.  But the shelves are empty.  No nice bread.  No nice meat.  I did manage to find corn on the cob.  I ended up buying ostrich meat (which I really do like) and fresh cranberries to make my own muffins.

Earlier while in Haarlem I went to a wine shop and bought some nice French red wine for us.  I was grumpy.  There’s nothing like good red wine to help that situation.  And if I get a bad headache or migraine the next day?  Ah well, then I’d have to call in sick for the birthday party tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow is my mother-in-law’s birthday party, which of course we are going to.  If you live in NL, or you are Dutch, you know exactly what to expect at these parties.  They are always the same.  We will sit in a circle and chat and drink our coffee or tea and have a piece of cake.  The kids have the most fun since they can disappear upstairs and amuse themselves.  DB would find it incredibly rude if I brought my knitting.  I suppose I would find it rude too.  I’ve only just gotten used to knitting when we go to visit them just on normal days.

Anyway, it’s been a grumpy day and I’m sick of people.  I want to go live in Alaska or north Sweden where there are no people.  Just beautiful scenery.  And dogs.

Since that is completely unrealistic, I got out my knitting instead and tried to take a photo of my Clapotis in progress.  Hundreds and hundreds of people have knit this pattern.  I know this because they are all listed on Ravelry.  In fact, I just looked, and there are 13,153 Clapotis projects listed.  Unbelievable.  I must be one of the last people on the planet finally to knit my first one.

Last Monday Andy showed up at Stitch ‘n Bitch with his OWN Clapotis.  I nearly fell off my chair.  We didn’t plan this.  We didn’t talk about it.  I’ve never mentioned a Clapotis to him ever and vice-versa.  But there we were.  We do that a lot.  He writes blog posts that I swear were word for word in my head earlier in the day.  It’s spooky.

A Clapotis is normally much wider (like Andy’s is) but I wanted mine more scarf like.  You knit it diagonally and drop stitches along the way that you unravel to leave the loose yarns.  I’m finding it nearly impossible to photograph this purple color.  It’s a deep dark almost black purple in places.  It’s very pretty and feels great to work with.  It’s the same base yarn, and the same dyer, that I used to make my Koolhaas hat.  I bought it from Pigeon Roof Studios, from her Etsy shop.  She has really beautiful yarns.  I highly recommend them.

I really will write more happy posts, and posts about the vacation, tomorrow and next week.  I still have lots to tell, but I’ve just been working such long hours in the last 2 weeks that I have no energy left for anything.  I don’t even knit in the evenings these days!  That’s how bad it is.  And that’s pretty bad.

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