FO – Muir

My goal was to finish this shawl in order to wear it to Mandy and John’s wedding.  I met that goal with about 24 hours to spare.  I tell you – I was really stressing the last couple of weeks before we left of California.  I spent a lot of time working on this thing in those weeks.  And wouldn’t you know it, it was just too warm at the wedding to wear it.  I carried it around and finally put it back in the car.  Isn’t it ironic.

But I have worn it since then, to work in fact, and I’m very happy with it.  It’s the kind of shawl that will get worn, not just put away as too special to wear.  It’s more of an everyday kind of shawl.

Here are the details:

Pattern – Muir from Knitty Fall 2007
Yarns – 1 strand Jaegerspun Zephyr (wool/silk) in white (about 40 grams) and 1 strand Habu Textiles A-20/21 1/20 silk stainless steel (silk wrapped around a stainless steel core) in burgundy
Needles – size US 6/4.0mm
Cast on July 11 2009, Finished October 15, 2009

I knit the pattern as described but I wish I had left off the picot edging.  What a pain and for very little gain.  The combination of the stainless steel and lace weight yarn creates a very interesting drape to the shawl.  It feels heavier than you would expect, which is actually very nice.  It kind of stays where you put it too.  If I bunch it up and wear it around my neck more scarf-like, it wants to stay in that form.  No, it’s not like knitting with, or wearing, this Habu stuff all by itself (I tried that and gave up).  It’s still like a knitted wool garment.  I’m really happy with it.  But after the stress of the time constraint, and the long never ending repeats, I’m very glad it’s done!

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