Home Movie

The other day Lou posted about the rain in her part of the world.  She said she was walking around singing “Why does it always rain on me?” by Travis.  Oh yeah!  I made a movie with that song as the soundtrack!  I never posted it anywhere and it’s about time I did.

I made the movie in 2007 for a training course I was in.  We had to do a presentation on anything personal to us.  It wasn’t supposed to be more than 3 minutes, but mine was as long as this song (just over 4).

The photos and movie were taken at LowLands in August of 2006.  It was sunny for 2 days and then it rained on the last day.  It really rained.  What was funny was that lots of people knew that it was going to rain and they came prepared.  Especially the girls.  Luckily fashion and rainwear combined to give me a huge photo opportunity.  Watch the movie and see what I mean. 🙂

Here’s a link to the movie. It’s on YouTube.  I would embed it here but the quality wouldn’t be as good and it deserves the high quality of native YouTube.

This was the first movie I ever made and I was surprised how easy it was.  It wasn’t quick, but it wasn’t difficult either.  I made it with iMovie, which comes free with any Mac that you buy.  Just another reason why I love Apple products.

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