Wishing for a Sandbox

This blog runs on WordPress.  WordPress.org that is, meaning that I’m hosted by a company of my choice and I have total control over all my files.  This is not the same as Blogger or even WordPress.com.

Since this is a new computer (brought back from the U.S., saving me a load of money), I still have to install a “sand box” WordPress on this computer.  Those helpful people at apache friends have created xampp, which is an automatic install of MySQL, PHP and Perl.  When that is done I can install WordPress on my laptop and simulate an internet blog on my own laptop.  That way, you can experiment and try different things with your blog and no one will see it until you replicate these changes on your real blog, hosted and open to the world.

I want to try some things to make this a more interesting blog.  Maybe a survey.  Maybe something more interesting on the side bars.  At a minimum I will clean up the links you see on the left of the page since the list is very outdated.  Some of those blogs are not updated by their owners anymore.  They are orphans.  So sad.

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming changes.  Stay tuned.

Oh, by the way, remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about the photographer who wanted to come take my photo in my home, of me knitting?  She came today and took my photo.  Lots of photos.  She was so friendly, and open, and really a pleasure to have in my house.  She will email a photo or 2 to me when they are done, and I have the a-ok to post them on the blog.  So I will.

2 thoughts on “Wishing for a Sandbox

  1. lou November 15, 2009 / 00:30

    Cool, photographers muse huh? Okay..as for the techy stuff..I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. I’m still on Blogger and a bit concerned after Andy’s debacle. How or if can I save my archive?

  2. underdutchskies November 15, 2009 / 11:18

    Hi Lou,
    In your Admin dashboard, click on the link for Settings then Basic. At the very top of the page you’ll see a text link to Import Blog, Export Blog and Delete Blog. If you click on Export Blog, it will generate an .xml file that you should save somewhere safe. You should then be able to use the generated file as a backup. Then, if everything goes wrong, you can always IMPORT that .xml file that has all your blog content and you are off and running again. Unfortunately for Andy, he didn’t have a backup and Blogger blocked all his content before he could make this export.
    Good luck!

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