A Kind of FO

As some of you might know, I was busy sewing stuff before heading off to California in October.  Back in June we went to Paris and in between being sick as dogs, we managed to get to a fabric store where I bought some PERFECT white silk fabric.  Above you can see what I did with it!

Back in May, Mandy found a wedding bolero on Etsy that she really liked.  We were chatting online one night and she sent me the link to it.  I immediately wrote back “oh heck I could make that easily”.  Next thing I know I’ve volunteered well and truly.

I first made a TEST bolero from some cheap cotton fabric.  It had 2 different sleeves and the front and back were different lengths.  That was all on purpose.  I mailed the test bolero to Mandy for her to check out and try on.  It fit her perfectly and she picked out the sleeve type and length.  Then I had to get up the courage to cut into that silk fabric!

I’m pretty proud of that bolero.  I had kind of a pattern, for a top, that I bought, but it was only to get the general shape of the front curve.  I had to make up all the ruffles and remind myself how to invisibly line something like that.

Unfortunately, it was so warm on the day of the wedding that she didn’t wear it during the ceremony and I didn’t wear my knitted shawl either!  Later, after the wedding and reception, we all met up for the after-wedding-party at a bar in Chico.  I walked in and was just THRILLED to see her wearing the bolero.  She still had her hair piece from the wedding in her hair.  Isn’t she adorable!  Love you Kiddoo.

One thought on “A Kind of FO

  1. Christopher November 21, 2009 / 20:38

    super cool!

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