Politically Incorrect

While looking around at different kinds of web shops that people have set up, I came upon a web shop for head scarves (hoofddoek in Dutch).  Looking at the photos of the scarves for sale, I got to thinking…. head scarves should become a fashion statement.  We should all start wearing them.  There are some really beautiful scarves out there!  And you’d never have to worry about having a bad hair day.

I don’t know why left leaning women haven’t picked this up and started it already.  Just imagine the horror on Geert Wilders face when his daughter comes home wearing one.  If everyone is wearing a hoofddoek then there’s no discrimination possible anymore is there?  At least none based on what you wear on your head.

Of course this is probably terribly politically (or religiously) incorrect.  Wearing a head scarf for muslim women shows a respect for the religion.  It would be blaspheme to wear one without that religious belief.  Or would it?  It’s just a piece of cloth after all.  And frankly, if you saw all the teenage girls wearing head scarves, and how they act, you would wonder too just how much religion has to do with any of this.  And continuing along these lines, since when has the heart of any religion played any real role in politics?  I mean seriously – people have been killing each other forever in the name of religion.  How can you even take religion seriously anymore?

But I digress….

The other day I got a calendar in the mail from the Wollmeise, the goddess (keeping to the religious theme on this Sunday morning) of indie yarn dyers.  She produced the calendar to be sold, online, and the proceeds go to Terre des Hommes, a very worthy cause.  I was pretty happy to get this calendar in the mail and, as any good blogger would do, I took a photo of it and posted it here on the blog.  I also posted this small photo on a couple of forums on Ravelry, to show off my new purchase.

On the Wollmeise group on Ravelry, my post was quickly edited to remove the photo from the calendar and I was asked politely to remove all my photos from all places on the internet.  WTF?  She promised all the models that their photos would not end up on the internet.  Well, I took them all down because, well, you just don’t want to piss off the Wollmeise and ever hope to pay a normal price for her yarn again.  She has an ARMY of devotees (acolytes?) who will hunt you down and shun you from all Wollmeise commerce.  Seriously.

But I think she is very naive to believe those photos will remain only on the physical walls of those who purchased them.  She is not censoring who buys her calendars.  We didn’t sign any agreement regarding what we can or cannot do with the calendar.  It’s a web shop!  I’m sure there a lot of people out there who are not as polite as me who will just say “screw you and your silly agreements” and will post photos of the calendars where ever they want.  I may end up there myself.  The more I think about it the more I’m annoyed that some stranger (albeit a Wollmeise approved stranger) tells me to take down a photo and I just comply.  I might end up showing you that photo again anyway.  They are such great photos that I can’t imagine the models NOT wanting their photos all over the internet.  They should be proud.

Last week, again on Ravelry, I started a topic on the Sock Knitters Anonymous forums asking “When will we talk about December?”.  You see, every month there is a new KAL and challenge.  I wanted to start planning for December.  It’s only a week away!  My topic was quickly locked by a Mod (Moderator for those not in the know) and I was told that we will discuss December when the time is right and not before.  Harrumph!  Man, whatever happened to being able to say what you want without being shut down all the time.

I think I’m beginning to feel that everything I say is just inappropriate somehow.  I’m a little fed up with that!   Everyone in the world is just too tetchy these days.  “Live and let live” seems to be a quaint fantasy of the 60’s, even here in the Netherlands.  You think that this is an open minded place where anything goes?  Think again.  If that were true then people like Geert Wilders would never have an audience, and he definitely has one these days.

I begin to lose the plot lately.  I don’t know anymore who I’m going to offend and when.  I’m just going to go on, doing what I want, and if I offend you, I didn’t mean to, and if I sound naive, just blame it on old age.  I’ll be old eventually.

One thought on “Politically Incorrect

  1. Myrte November 22, 2009 / 11:12

    Well, I certainly recognize your sentiment. I’ve thought about the scarves, only I hate covering my head. Even a hat gives me a headache.
    As for the rest, keep communicating! Even if you find yourself offending people with ‘long toes’ as we say in Holland.

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