Monday Monday

This morning while walking to work and passing the public library, I thought “wow, I used to spend my Monday evenings here, in between work and Stitch ‘n Bitch at 7:30pm”.  I haven’t done that in a very long time.  The last few months it became normal to work until 7pm and then leave for de Jaren.  I’ve been working a lot of long hours lately.

Today I decided I needed to get back to a more relaxed time.  I decided this morning to leave work at 5:30pm and by god I really did it.  The above photo is the entry of the public library, just east of the Central Station.  It has 7 main floors, plus a lower floor for kids books and a top (8th) floor just for employees.  There’s a La Place restaurant on the 7th floor.  In case you are wondering, the knitting and other crafty books are on the 5th floor, kind of in the southeast corner of that floor.  They don’t have much in that subject.  Ah well.  They have a lot of very nice magazines and movies on DVD.  There are Mac computers everywhere that you can use free.

I’m sitting in a comfy chair, knitting something (that I won’t talk about yet), and watching the lightening flashing over the city.  I’ve got Brenda Dayne on my iPhone talking about her knitting.  Ahhhhh.  Now this is quality personal time.

One thought on “Monday Monday

  1. Cybèle November 25, 2009 / 15:05

    Without reading your post, I knew it was the public library! I love that place – it’s so how a library should be. My two children love the children’s part too – I have several photos of I. sitting down in a comfy chair, reading a magazine that I used to read when I was her age. What I also like, is the view from the 7th floor. You have your coffee there and find before long that you’re joined by a ‘Amsterdammer’ telling you more about what you can see than you’ll ever find in a guidebook. Aaaahhhh, Amsterdam! (planning to be there end of January, can’t wait!)

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