Kind of Thanksgiving

What do most Americans do on Thanksgiving Day?  Eat and watch football, that’s what.  We don’t have Thanksgiving here in the Netherlands.  The Dutch don’t know much about Thanksgiving actually.  I overheard a colleague of mine (Dutch) talking on the phone with another colleague who happened to be working in Australia.  My colleague asked the guy on the phone “so, do they celebrate Thanksgiving on the same day in Australia?”

People here don’t always realize that Thanksgiving is a North American holiday.  And some Americans don’t realize that there is also a Canadian Thanksgiving (celebrated in October).  Maybe that’s why it is such an important holiday in the U.S. – it’s uniquely “ours”.

Here in NL the 4th Thursday in November is just another work day.  There is no Black Friday either.  Here’s the best I managed to do to have a Thanksgiving dinner:

Baked chicken, potatoes, broccoli, sweet potatoes and home made cranberry sauce.  DB was so sweet.  He searched high and low for sweet potatoes.  Usually they aren’t so hard to find, but for some reason they were only in the very last shop he looked in.

I also made banana bread earlier.  The house smelled of baking and cooking and with the rugby on the tv all afternoon, it was almost Thanksgiving.  I missed Mom and Mandy and the rest of the family, and that’s what Thanksgiving’s all about after all.

But, considering everything, it was a nice day and I’m thankful for the family here and the food and the life we’ve made.  It’s a good life.

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