For Mom

On Sunday’s I call my mom.  We talk for an hour or so about everything and nothing.  We just chat away and the time slips away.  Yesterday was no different.  I told her about my work and my weekend and about the Christmas knitting I finished up.  Then, in a small voice, she asked

“Did you make me something for Christmas?”

Gulp.  No, I didn’t.

“But Mom”, I replied, “you never wear anything I make!  I make you socks and you put them in a drawer.  I made you a sweater and you put it away and moths ate it!”

“Well, I’d wear one of those little scarves like the one you made while you were here visiting.”

Ah.  Ishbel.  I see.  So THIS is what she would really wear.

What color?  I asked.  Oh, I don’t know, she said.

“Ok,” I said, “I have just the thing – I know exactly what to make.”  And after we hung up the phone I went upstairs to my stash, picked up this yarn and needles and started right then and there on Ishbel for Mom.

This is yarn I bought in New Zealand.  It’s very special.  It’s 100% New Zealand merino and is the softest wool on the planet.  It was hand dyed in colors of the rainbow, only darker and deeper.  It’s been in my stash for 3 years because I just couldn’t decide on a project special enough to use it.  Now I have that special project and this is the perfect yarn for it.

I hope it’s not TOO colorful for her.  I think she will wear it well though.  I like to think I’m like my mom in some ways – small but punchy.  We might fool you into thinking we are quiet and timid, but people aren’t fooled for long.  I think these colors are perfect for such a woman – someone who will wear it proudly.  Merry Christmas Mom!  I’m working on it!

5 thoughts on “For Mom

  1. Lorraine December 2, 2009 / 03:34

    Well, I guess it’s my turn to get teary-eyed. You’re using your very special yarn to knit something for me. Makes me feel very special.
    It’s beautiful yarn and will make a wonderful scarf. I’ll be able to wear it a lot.

  2. Carolyn December 2, 2009 / 06:23

    Sandy- please teach me to knit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cybèle December 2, 2009 / 10:03

    Gorgeous colours for Ishbel! Hope your mum will get many hours of happy wear out of it.

  4. Lou December 2, 2009 / 20:05

    I’m seeking advice once I love the Ishbel pattern but it will be a challenge for me. I have 100g of Rico Hobby Print sock wool would that be enough? No-ones used this yarn on a Ravelry Ishbel. If it’s enough for this project im going to attempt one for myself in 2010. If it’s not it will be knitted into Xmas gift socks!!

    • underdutchskies December 2, 2009 / 21:02

      Carolyn – I’d be happy to teach you! Next time I’m in town. Or come visit me. 🙂
      Lou – 100g of sock yarn is plenty to make an Ishbel. Go for it! If you run into problems just let me know and I’ll help you.

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