Project Update

The above is a photo of Ishbel III in progress.  This is a closeup of the lace section.  The stitch pattern gets a bit lost in all the colors, but probably blocking will help that a little bit.  And if not, oh well!  It’s still really pretty.  I’m about half way finished with the lace section.  Since it grows in size with every row, it gets slower and slower to knit.  When you start Ishbel you think “Man I’ll be finished with this in no time!”  but by the time you get to the last lace chart you think it will never end.  That’s kind of how lace usually happens.  Here’s the whole thing, at this point:

I hope you like it Mom!

Here’s an updated photo of DB’s scarf in progress.  See how the colors are moving back and forth across the width?  Interesting.  You never know how multi colored yarn is going to present itself until you just get on and knit with it and see what happens.  It doesn’t look anything like the first version anymore, but this is still nice and it’s working up much faster too.

These are my only two projects at the moment.  It’s enough.  I will be very happy to give them to their rightful owners.

One thought on “Project Update

  1. Lorraine December 20, 2009 / 20:58

    “my scarf” is very beautiful. Can’t wait to get it. THANKS!!
    I enjoyed your pictures of the snow. I hope you get to ice skate on the ponds this year.

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