Snow on the Beach!

We woke up this morning to SNOW!  Well, to be honest, I was downstairs staring at my computer screen and DB had to come down and ask me “Have you looked outside?”.  It was only then that I saw all this white stuff everywhere.  We couldn’t let that go by without doing something about it.  So we went to the beach.

I’ve never seen snow on a beach.  It’s probably not a big deal to most people, but it was different weather that I’d never seen so of course it was what I wanted to do.  We drove.  I’m used to driving in snow so I had no problem with that.  Most Dutch people, however, are not so certain behind the wheel in these conditions.  Luckily, few people ventured out.

It was just beautiful at the beach!  We parked at Bloemendaal and walked along the beach to Parnasia, then walked back in the dunes.  Here are some photos:

It might look like that is white sand, but it’s white snow.  When we got to Parnasia we went inside the beach restaurant to have some hot chocolate.  They had a nativity scene set up outside with real animals too.

Do you see the baby Jesus?  He’s drowning in the snow.  One of the workers came out later and dug him out.  We named the guy Gabriel.

When we were walking back to the car, almost to the parking lot, it started to snow/hail.  What fell from the sky was just like little styrofoam balls that you fill beanbag chairs with.  It hurt!  We waited it out for a while under a parking control building.

The roads were more clear when we drove back home, but the side roads were still pretty mushy.  Do you see the people on the far left of the photo with their bikes?  Yes, people were out biking and jogging.

When we got home DB decided to clear off the walkway to the house.  He had big ideas of shoveling off the sidewalk, but without a snow shovel, and with hard packed snow, he gave up on that idea.  It will probably warm up and all melt in a few days anyway.  A shame for sure.  I’d love to have a real white Christmas.

One thought on “Snow on the Beach!

  1. Andy Baker December 24, 2009 / 20:12

    I guess you’re feeling better since you’re oot and aboot. Of course that was four days ago. Glad to see pictures of the snow on the beach. Fred tries every year to get me to go out there when it’s just cold. With the snow, it would have more than just ‘no’. It would have been ‘hell no’. Have a Merry Christmas. Can’t wait to see you next time – when ever that will be.

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