2009 Finished Objects in Review

Above is a mosaic of the 16 finished items from 2009.  It seems a fitting post to write on the 31st of December 2009.  The year seemed to fly by and I’m happy to have all of this work to show.  I think it’s definitely a record for me – I’ve never finished so much knitting in one year before.  I credit this prolific work to three things:  1. my knitting friends are so creative and inspiring that I feel constantly energized and encouraged by them; 2. Ravelry has opened my eyes to knitting possibilities I never would have thought of, and has created a world-wide community of knitting friends to draw inspiration and information from; and last but not least, 3. DB, who not only puts up with my obsession but actually encourages me to stretch the boundaries of my hobby and craft.   THANK you to all the knitters and non-knitting encouragers in my life.

The above photos are:

1. Mitts to Match 3, 2. Mitts to Match after felting, 3. brioche intarsia, 4. La Digitessa front view, 5. La Digitessa back view, 6. iPhone pouch, front side, 7. iPhone pouch, back side, 8. iPhone pouch with magnets, 9. Sunrise Circle Jacket closeup, 10. Sunrise Circle Jacket front, 11. Primrose Path front, 12. Primrose Path detail, 13. Primrose Path back, 14. Spina di Pesce socks, 15. Spina di Pesce socks, 16. Spina di Pesce socks, 17. lace sock, 18. Lysette socks at the picnic, 19. Lysette socks, 20. Ishbel blocking, 21. Muir shawl is done!, 22. Muir shawl, 23. September mystery socks, 24. September mystery socks done, 25. Ishbel as scarf, 26. Ishbel as shawl, 27. Ishbel finished, 28. manly scarf, 29. plaited tam, 30. Clapotis, 31. Ishbel for Mom, 32. Ishbel in snow

3 thoughts on “2009 Finished Objects in Review

  1. lou January 1, 2010 / 21:12

    What a very productive knitting year you had in 2009…well done.
    Just started my first shawl..look out for end results soon

  2. yvonnep January 3, 2010 / 19:35

    Wow, you have been productive! the orange sweater is my favourite!

  3. Debbie January 10, 2010 / 23:28

    Oh my, you have been busy.

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