Nothing Like Snow

This is what our street looked like last night when I finally got home.  All that traffic isn’t normal, but everything was backed up with the snow.  Tonight when I got home it wasn’t much different.  This is far more snow that we are used to having here in NL.  This is not normal!

The trains are not running normally these days.  Yesterday I wandered around the Haarlem train station for an hour before I got on a train to Amsterdam that was actually going to move.  Last night all the trains between Amsterdam and Haarlem were cancelled for several hours.  Finally after 7pm there were trains running ONLY between these cities and not going further.  It was a mess!  When I finally got on a train, our only stop between these central stations was in Sloterdijk.  When we cruised up to the platform there I could see people along the platform 3 and 4 deep.  They CHEERED when we stopped there!  They had been waiting in the cold for a train for 2 hours!

Some kids in our neighborhood made a snow creature.

Lots of people just left their bikes parked in the snow. But actually a lot of people also continued to bike like usual.  Slowly, carefully, sometimes with their feet dragging along the ground to keep from slipping.  Me, I took the bus.

Last night in the packed train, and then in the packed bus, I listened to all the people talking.  They were laughing and shrugging shoulders (“what can you do?”).  They were actually talking to each other!  Total strangers were sharing stories about how they tried to get home from work, or to get to the grocery store, or how their car got stuck.  They were friendly and open.

I started to wonder – is it just that hardship brings people together?  Or does snow actually make people more cheerful?  Maybe people here are always so aggressive and silent and grumpy in their daily commutes because, strangely, life is just too easy here.  Maybe we NEED some universal hardship, like bad weather, to bring us together and allow us to feel united enough to talk and share.

People are strange.

Me, I love the snow.  I got off the bus last night and pulled out my camera and started taking photos of the cars crawling by and the trees covered in snow.  It makes me smile and makes me feel like a kid again.

Maybe that’s all it was.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Like Snow

  1. Cybèle January 8, 2010 / 20:48

    No snow where I was! Just very cold… I’m on my way to Britain again but will be back again next week. Not sure what will happen after that, it depends on hospital appt on Thursday. Will let you know! The last two days have been pretty hectic and I tried to spend as much time as possible with mum, mostly so she’d be distracted and calm down a little. Which seems to have worked 😉

  2. lou January 9, 2010 / 14:41

    Really pretty photos..despite getting a new camera I can’t stand out in the cold long enough to take a decent

  3. Debbie January 10, 2010 / 23:17

    Amazing photos! Wish we’d had snow like that here.

  4. lou January 12, 2010 / 01:11

    its melting here now….and I forgot to build a snowman..doh

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