Where Have I Been?

I’ve been working like a fiend, that’s where I’ve been!

Since going back to work 4 Jan, I’ve been working very long hours, coming home late, eating a bite and then falling into bed.  It’s the year end and we close the books and create all the reports.  I think it’s over now and I can go back to normal (longer than most people) hours.

This is my excuse for not posting and not having any photos to show you.  I will say that it has warmed up about 5 degrees C in the past few days and the snow and ice are finally melting.  We scooped the last of the snow off the car last night and drove to the grocery store.  DB was afraid it might not start but I had no doubts.  It wasn’t THAT cold.  It’s not like Sweden or Colorado or Vermont after all.

Speaking of Sweden, I’m going there next weekend!  I have a meeting in Stockholm a week from Monday and I figured I might as well go for the weekend.  The company picks up the flight anyway and it only costs me one night in a hotel.  I’ve already picked out yarn stores to visit on Saturday and a museum for Sunday.  Should be interesting!

I’ll be back tomorrow with photos and a very exciting (for me anyway) FO to show you.  Promise.

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