The First FO for 2010


I start this scarf in September 2008.  DB picked out the yarn in New Zealand in 2007.  I knit half of it and ripped it all out.  But last week, finally finally, I finished it.

I’m very happy with the results.  It’s fingering weight yarn and this second try is knit with 2 strands held together, on size 6 (4mm) needles.  Knit all the stitches on one side, and K1/P1 on the other side.  It’s just stretchy enough and it’s very soft and lovely to wear against the skin.  It’s New Zealand Merino after all – the softest wool in the world.

The yarn is dyed in rainbow colors that zigzag back and forth throughout the entire scarf.  After knitting, it was very curly and wouldn’t lay flat at all.  I soaked it in water and pinned it out to block.  After it dried I steamed it gently with my steam iron.  It doesn’t curl anymore and it feels even softer.  I don’t think he’s going to share it with me.

So, now that I’m FREE, what am I going to knit next?  Oh I have a list…..

Starting on February 1, I’m casting on KawKawEsque from Yarnissima.  It will be part of yet another SKA KAL (Sock Knitters Anonymous Knit Along) from the Ravelry group.

Starting on the MOMENT of the beginning of the Olympics, also in February, I’ll be casting on some Selbu mittens as part of Team Pootje Over Ravolympics event “Mitten Moguls”.

(Are you digging all the lingo?)

I’m working on a test knit of a new brioche lace shawl that Nancy has designed.  That has come to a halt while Nancy is making some updates, so, in the meantime I’ve cast on…

Merletto Mitts by javajem.  I need them desperately!  It’s so cold at work.  I wear big puffy sweaters but my hands are still cold.  I need these to wear while I work.  Never mind that they could just TURN UP THE HEAT.

I’m making them from some super luscious yarn that deserves a web post all by itself, so I won’t tell you about it just yet.  It’s soft and just a little fluffy and warmer than wool.  Hmmmm, what do you think it is?  Any guesses?

2 thoughts on “The First FO for 2010

  1. Zwaalie January 18, 2010 / 13:37

    Congrats! Well done!!!

  2. lou January 21, 2010 / 00:03


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