Wool Frenzy

I’m loving making these little fingerless mitts.  Talk about instant gratification!  They are knitting up incredibly fast.  The pattern is Merletto Mitts.  I’ve made them shorter than the pattern calls for and on 1 size smaller needles.  I have small hands and arms so they fit perfectly this way.

The yarn is Supreme Merino/Possum.  Actually it’s 50% merino, 40% possum and 10% silk.  There’s a nice halo to the yarn and it is super warm.  Possum is a hollow hair and is actually warmer than wool.  I should say “fur” and not “hair”.  The ball band says “fur”.  We had a discussion at Monday night SnB, trying to decide when to say “hair” and when to say “fur”.  We decided it had to do with domestication of the animal.  If domesticated, then “hair”.  Cat hair.  Dog hair.  Hamster hair.  But mink fur and lion fur and wolf fur.  Wolf fur?  Maybe it’s not a water tight definition.

Anyway, these will be done before I know it, which will be perfect timing to start my February socks and Olympic mitts.

One week ago I had the day off and decided to try my hand at the madness that is a Wollmeise online shop update.  I’d read about it.  I wondered if the rumors were true.  It was time to find out.

I began stalking the site at around 7.20am Friday morning.  I went to the instock page and refreshed the page every couple of minutes.  At around 08.00 (while I was reading blogs and the news and generally surfing around), the refresh resulted in a grey screen.  AH!  According to sources who know, a grey screen means an imminent update.  Refresh, refresh, refresh….. And behold!  A screen that showed the latest shop updates!  Lovely red and green and deep blue skeins of yarn appeared on the page.  Click! Click! Click!  Add to basket!  Quick! See what else is available!  The frenzy had started.  That’s enough I thought.  Four skeins.  Let’s not get greedy.  Now, go to basket and check out.  But wait!  HEY!  Who stole my skeins???  My basket was suddenly down to 3!  Click Click, then down to 2! Down to 1!  Now hold on just a darn pickin’ minute!  Quick buy that 1 skein before it too disappears!  Over to PayPal and done.  Phew.  Back to the web shop and see if there’s anything left.  Just a few, here and there.  Click click check out pay for goods over to PayPal.  And one more skein is mine.

I had no idea that other people who are faster over to the PayPal end of things could actually steal products from your shopping cart!  It was certainly a feeding frenzy.  The skein I really wanted, a deep midnight blue, was grabbed out from under me.  I’ll have to try again another time.  After I get some more energy to face the hoards at that time of the morning.

Here’s what came in the mail late this week (which is some seriously fast shipping).

This is the “Pini” color above, and “Red Hot Chili” below.  I don’t know yet what I will do with them, but I WILL use them (unlike some Wollmeise collectors who only use them to taunt the rest of us with their riches in stash).

Tomorrow long before dawn I’m off to Stockholm for the weekend.  I have a meeting there on Monday so I decided to take advantage of the company paid ticket to spend the weekend and see something of the city.  Saturday I’ll get to at least one yarn shop and Sunday to the Nordic Museum.  Watch for photos coming your way!

2 thoughts on “Wool Frenzy

  1. mandy January 22, 2010 / 18:52

    Oooh… WANT those fingerless gloves! My fingers are the only part of my body that don’t warm up in the office. I make several cups of tea a day just to wrap my hands around them!

    Your skein feeding frenzy sounds a little too hectic for me…but if we were talking rare cheese, I guess I could see the draw. 🙂

  2. lou January 22, 2010 / 20:08

    Mitts look pretty. I think it would be possum ‘fur’ as the animal is killed and skinned(like mink or fox).
    Adore the colour of the red hot chilli wool and look forward to seeing what it becomes in knitty form

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