Stockholm, Part I

This past weekend I was in Stockholm.  Man was it cold!

I had to go to a meeting for work on Monday so I decided to go for the weekend and see something of the city.  My bum knee (which I will get around to writing about at some point) kept me from walking as much as I wanted to, but I still got around to the main part of the city.

Above is a photo taken at about 2pm on Saturday afternoon.  The morning was gloriously sunny with bright sparkling snow everywhere, but by noon the clouds came over and made it a little colder.  We had a high of about -7C (20F) that day.  This is a city park that is turned in a skating area in winter.  Everyone brought their own skates from home.  There’s a speaker system playing music for the skaters and there are lights rigged up all around.  At one point there was an announcement and everyone left the skating area.  It was then that I noticed the Zamboni off to one side waiting for its turn to hit the ice.

You know it really says “Zamboni” on the front of this thing.  It’s right between the headlights.  That cracked me up for some reason.

C. had given me the address of a yarn shop that she especially liked in Stockholm.  That’s the one shop where I spent money on this trip.  And I didn’t spend a lot.  This shop is called Garnverket.  I took the subway to get there.  Stockholm has the coolest subway!  The walls are covered in art.  Every stop has its own style and artist.  Very cool.

Anyway, I didn’t buy much at Garnverket.  They had a lot of Drops and Rowan yarns, plus another brand that I hadn’t heard of but is made in Turkey.  I couldn’t resist these Drops skeins:

You thought they were Noro didn’t you!  Nope, Drops.  Four times cheaper and without the sticks.  These have “Fingerless Mitts for Mandy” written all over them.

Now, THESE are special.  They are organic yarn, without even a label or company tag on them.  I asked where they came from and she said simply “Swedish yarn from Gotland“.

It’s not terribly soft wool.  It feels Shetland-ish.  It’s lace weight and will be perfect for some two color lace brioche.  I really like these two colors together – like moss on granite.

And that’s it for Stockholm Part I.  Part II will be a longer story about the Nordic Museum and photos of Stockholm and boats in ice and my musings on why can’t Amsterdam be more like Stockholm.  Don’t miss it!

2 thoughts on “Stockholm, Part I

  1. Cybèle January 28, 2010 / 08:54

    I thought it was cold in the UK and it doesn’t even freeze during the day!
    The colours of the organic wool are beautiful, specially the green. And I do miss Amsterdam…. don’t say it should be more like Stockholm, I love it as it is! 😉

  2. MoniqueB. February 1, 2010 / 23:42

    I’m in luv…
    Tell me, do they (from the yarn store where you bought those two adorable skeins)have a website. An adress?? Anything?? Rugged yarn in these colours… Sigh..

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