Stockholm, Part II

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog!  Where does the time go?  Above is a photo taken in Stockholm, just near the Nordic Museum.  This is where I spent my Sunday.  It was very cold, but I learned from my Swedish colleagues on the Monday that this was lovely and nice for January.  It gets so much colder.

From my hotel there was not easy public transport to the museum.  I had to walk more than half the distance there, and ended up walking the whole way back.  It was only about 30 minutes of walking (back to the hotel) but with my bum knee it was quite long.  That’s one thing about Stockholm, it’s a driving city, unlike Amsterdam which is a biking or public transportation city.  The roads in Stockholm are wide and cleared of all snow and ice and are full of Saabs and Volvos.

Above is the Nordic Museum.  It’s a beautiful imposing building built in the early 1900’s.  It looks huge from the outside, but once you get in you see that most of the space is just open air and the actual display space is not that big.  The “open air” consists of this gorgeous central gallery:

On the ground floor is a small shop and cafe and some displays.  Most of the museum proper is located in rooms around the perimeter of this gallery 1 and 2 floors above.  There are photos of every day Swedish life, dishes and place settings from 1600 to the present, clothing and fabrics and furniture, oh my!

Here are some photos.  They aren’t great photos.  It was rather dim, especially in the clothing sections as light will slowly break down fibers.

I really like this hat.  I wonder if anyone has written up a pattern for it.  Maybe I should write to the museum and ask.

After visiting the museum I walked back to my hotel, which was just north of the city center.  I walked along the water and watched a ferry boat come in, cracking the ice as it came.  That was such a loud sound.  It made me smile.

I took a few more photos of Stockholm while walking back, but they didn’t come out very well.  It was cold and getting dark so fast – I think I didn’t hold still enough.  By 3:30 in the afternoon it’s dusk and cars have their lights on.

I really enjoyed my weekend in Stockholm.  I’d love to go back in the summer when the weather is nice and trees are green.  Stockholm is so different from Amsterdam.  The streets are full of nice shops.  I especially liked the glass shops and next time I will have to splurge on some beautiful Swedish glass.  Even the H&M had the look of class.  Everything is clean in Stockholm.  There are no sleazy tourist shops as you exit the central train station.  There were just beautiful stately buildings, clean and well kept.  Snow and ice were cleared away.  I just had the feeling that everything was nice there.  I’m sure there are enough troubles and problems in a city of this size, but it’s nice to be an oblivious tourist for a while and just enjoy the scenery.  I only wish Amsterdam had the same outlook for tourists coming here.  The Damrak is an embarrassment and the constant construction everywhere must be disappointing to tourists who expect to actually SEE buildings (not to mention the eye-sore that is the North-South line).

Ah well, I count my blessings.  After all, I could be living in Detroit for example….

One thought on “Stockholm, Part II

  1. marieke February 8, 2010 / 17:21

    Stockholm in summer is beautiful. Amazing how clean and nice a big city can be. We felt really “at home” there. The water is the canals is so clear you could swim in it an see the fish swim. Wouldn’t try that in Amsterdam.

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