(Rav)Olympics Fever


The official Olympics in Vancouver (or “Svencouver” as the Dutch are saying now) and the official RAVELympics have also started over on Ravelry.  Teams have been created.  Events are set up and running.  Ravelettes are participating.

Me?  I’m team captain of Team Pootje Over and I’m participating in Mitten Mogul by knitting a pair of two color Selbuvotter mittens.  What does this all mean?


Well, “Pootje Over” in Dutch refers to crossing one foot over the other when you are speed skating around an oval track.  A “poot” is an animal’s paw, or in this case a person’s foot.  Crossing over.  Got it?  Our team members include people from the Amsterdam Stitch ‘n Bitch group, or anyone else who cares to join us.

Mitten Moguls is a Ravelympics event where people have to knit – what else – mittens.  Participation in Ravelympics means that you can only cast one once the torch is lit, and you must finish your project before the flame goes out at the end of the real Olympics.  Man, that’s a challenge!

Last night I got as far as here, on my first mitten:

That’s the cuff.  It was a little small.  A little TOO small.  I decided, at 10:30pm last night, to rip it all out and start again on bigger needles.  Why oh why didn’t I swatch before so that I would have known what size needles would be best?  Because I don’t swatch.  I am allergic to swatching.  I just jump right in and see what happens.  What is happening now is that I’m a day behind!

Today, Sunday, I got this far again.  You can see that I started out a little differently.  I started out with the dark green at the bottom.  I thought it would look better and also that’s the place that will get dirty first so dark green would be better.

The knitting looks a lot looser doesn’t it?  I think it will be fine once I steam it into submission.  And it fits a whole lot better.  I’ll have a lot of time in the next week to work on these since tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I go for knee surgery.  OK, they aren’t slicing into my knee, just a few keyhole holes.  If you are a long time reader of this blog you know that I used to be a runner.  In my heart I still am but I haven’t run since August.  I’ve been suffering knee pain since then and finally something will be done about it.  They are going to have a look-see and fix what they find.  Cross fingers.  I have gained weight and feel like a blob since I haven’t been doing any sports for so long.  I hate this.  I hate the constant pain in my knee.  I hope later this week to report some good news.

Oh yes!  Some other good KNITTING news…. On Feb 1 I cast on some socks, which I blogged about a few days ago.  Here are some progress photos.  I LOVE the pattern and I LOVE the fit of these socks.  I’ve put them down now while I make the mittens, but I can’t wait to continue on and make the second one.  The pattern is KawKawEsque by Yarnissima and the yarn is from Pigeonroof Studios. (Google them yourself!)

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