One Mitten

As you can see above, one mitten is finished!  I’m very happy with it and very proud of it too.  It wasn’t really hard, except for the top of the hand and the thumb itself.  It was difficult to manage those few stitches and changing colors and keep everything neat and organized.  I’m happy to say that they fit really well too!

The underside of the thumb matches the palm pattern.

I’ve started working on the second mitten.  Now that I have the pattern well in my head, it should go faster than the first one.

As for the knee….. I went to the physical therapist yesterday afternoon.  He had a look, read the report from the surgeon, and spent time explaining what we are going to do.  He helped me learn how best to walk with crutches – actually with one crutch as that’s the best thing to do.  My job over the next days is to work on slowing getting my knee to bend at a 90 degree angle so I can sit normally.  He was impressed that I could already put weight on my knee and limp around as well as I could.  I go back and see him again tomorrow.  I guess I’ll be seeing a lot of him in the next months.

4 thoughts on “One Mitten

  1. WiscJennyAnn February 18, 2010 / 21:03

    Beautiful, congratulations! (And good luck with the rehabilitation!)

  2. Lou February 18, 2010 / 22:49

    that was a fast mitten..looks great.

  3. Christopher February 19, 2010 / 00:51

    The mitten looks great!!! Sterkte met je knie!

  4. Andy Baker February 23, 2010 / 11:26

    Wow. Those look really great! I’m totally impressed. Makes me want to do some color work, although I just finished Fred’s had and I was miserable while I was doing it. I’m into lace for now. Bring them to SnB next time!

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