The Queen of Brioche

Yesterday at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam was Nancy’s book launch event.  In case you don’t know, Nancy is the “Queen of Brioche” and in case you don’t know what that is, check her web site.  Her book, Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch, has been available for a couple of months now and has received rave reviews from the knitting world.  It’s an amazing book with just about everything you need to know about this unique knitting technique.

I’m happy to say that Nancy is also my friend.  The room yesterday was full of her friends, some new, some old.  Since I’m a pretty new friend, she told us things about her creative life that I didn’t know – like how she almost wrote a book about knitted edgings; like all the work she has done with color theory; like the amazing beautiful Japanese tie-dye work she did for her Master’s thesis.  Nancy is a modest person who doesn’t find it easy to blow her own horn.  We need to blow it for her more often.  Toot toot.

She gave a slide show with photos of the work she has done throughout her life.  And then she brought out many of the actual articles, from the early 70’s to today.

Of course there were the projects from her book.

Nancy and Mathilde, her daughter, were modeling projects from the book.  Theresa is wearing another Nancy designed garment.

Of course there was knitting going on, but mostly talking about knitting, which we never get enough of.

And we wore our best projects, like Wendel who wore her scarf that she first spun the yarn for, then knit up.

Nancy received a flower bouquet from Carla and Hilly, and if you look closely, you can see the brioche stitch “flowers” they made and put into the bouquet.  Stunning.

It was a really nice event and I’m so happy for Nancy.  She’s worked very very hard and deserves all the praise and accolades she gets for this amazing book.  I’m looking forward to the next one (hint: think lace).

p.s. How did I manage to get there with my knee?  Slowly, very slowly.  I did fine yesterday but today I’m paying the price.  My knee is very tired and stiff and sore.  I’m spending Sunday on the couch, watching the Olympics, with knitting of course!

One thought on “The Queen of Brioche

  1. Nancy Marchant February 21, 2010 / 15:50

    Alex, great photos from a very nice day with friends. Thanks for being one of them.


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