Also An Olympian


I too have participated, and medaled, in these 2010 Olympics.  OK, it’s the RAVELympics, but still.  I finished my mittens and now have my medal banner image for…


and I am indeed a…


Here are the last photos of the mittens I made.  The left mitten to be exact…

Phew!  I’m glad they are finished.  Even after this little bit of color knitting I was glad to be finished.  I just got tired of working with such twisty yarn and then twisting them further by working in 2 colors.  I meant to take photos of the inside you can see what that looks like, but frankly the weather was SO BAD today that the sun was barely a thought in the sky and I just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for photos.  The wind is howling outside and it’s rained off and on.  I thought I was tired of snow, but I’d rather have snow than this windy cold rain.  I shouldn’t complain though.  I’ve hardly been outside at all in the past 2 weeks!

So, what’s next for the knitting?  Well, finish my KawKawEsque socks, which are coming along just great.  I really love this pattern.

And then?  Baby sweaters!  I know of 3, yes THREE, people having babies in May and June so I’ve got to get busy and make baby stuff.  At least baby stuff knits up quickly so you get some serious instant gratification going.

I’m also working on a test knit for Nancy – some brioche lace.  I worked on that today and hope to have some photos to show very soon.  It’s the most challenging knitting I’ve ever done, so I’m pretty excited to show it!

Stay tuned!

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