Beware of Cat

I wrote several months ago that Bas was very sick.  We thought we were about to lose him.  The vet prescribed prednisone, which he’s been taking every day since.  He’s doing ok, he’s still here, but he’s pretty fed up with the pills.

Normally DB shoves the pill down his throat every day before dinner.  Friday evening DB was busy so I did it.  Bas was not amused.  He accidentally bit me, deep.  It bled and bled, which is a good thing since bleeding will clean the wound.  I ran water over it for a long time while it bled and I washed it with anti-bacterial soap.  Four hours later it was swollen and sore.  The next day it was oozing and red and hot and swollen.  Damn.

Saturday morning we were off to Den Helder for DB’s dad’s birthday party.  We figured we’d stop at a pharmacy there and get something to put on this festering sore.  At the pharmacy they said “no way, we won’t give you anything, you need to see a doctor about that.”  So off we went to the weekend doctors’ offices.  I got a tetanus shot and a prescription for a week’s worth of  antibiotics.  BACK to the pharmacy to get the pills and some gauze to clean it with.  Pffffffff what a morning!

Above is a photo of my thumb on Sunday morning and it’s already looking a lot better.  I wished I’d taken a photo from Saturday morning!  Much more impressive.  I’ve now taken the pills for 24 hours and the swelling has gone down and it’s not as hot as it was.  It’s still really painful and I can’t really move that thumb joint.

Man, it’s always something isn’t it!  I was telling DB this morning that I’d like to spend a day, maybe 2, without any physical pains.  Wouldn’t that be something.  Seems like it’s been a long time ago I had such a day.

The knee is better though.  I biked this morning.  Probably too far.  🙂  It felt good to be outside though, checking out the old running route, saying hello to the waterfowl again.  I biked very very slowly and carefully.  I felt a little stab of pain with every circle of the pedals, but it’s the kind of pain you know is doing you some good.  It was windy and cold.  I would have taken photos but everything is still so grey and bleak.  In another month it will all be better.  All the way around.

5 thoughts on “Beware of Cat

  1. Zwaalie March 14, 2010 / 20:56

    I hope you’ll be pain free, running AND knitting again soon. Take care!!!

  2. Cybèle March 14, 2010 / 22:29

    No knitting with that thumb! Looks painful, sounds sensible to be on antibiotics. Glad to hear Bas is doing quite well.

  3. Lou March 14, 2010 / 23:16

    Is it wrong to smile at that post? However, I do so because I empathise and remember my cat owner days. Trying to get my cute kitty to take his worming tabs (and in his last years various other meds) turned him into a wild tiger. I was always very deeply scratched right up my much so I think some may of thought I SELF-harmed!! It takes a lot of love and patience to take such good care of such a pet..just sorry you had to suffer the consequences. xx

  4. tien March 17, 2010 / 16:27

    advice from an expert: roll the animal like a sausage in a blanket or towel. So you get the paws and nails out of the way.

    Simpler solution with not so wild cats: put a towel like a bit (slabbetje in Dutch) round its neck.
    Put the animals behind against your stomach so it can’t back out, put your hand over the head, put your thumb and indexfinger at both sides of its mouth behind the great teeth and tilt the head back. Automatic the mouth starts to open a bit. At the same time you have the pill between your thumb and indexfinger of your other (mostly your right)hand. Put your middle finger on the lower jaw and open the mouth more. Then with a quick movement put the pill over the tong as deep as you can. Hands away, jaws are closing and cat swallows. Pill gone.

    Consolation: it’s needing a lot of practice to give pills to unwilling cats. At the moment I have one of three that even I can’t give pills to.

  5. Altimeter Watches November 3, 2010 / 22:44

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