KawKawEsque is an FO

I love these socks.  I like how they look and how they feel and I thoroughly enjoyed making them.  These are KawKawEsque, another Yarnissima pattern.  They are so simple and so clever in their simplicity.  The gussets are created by increases in the center top spine of the sock.  That’s it!  Those center increases continue throughout the entire sock pattern and you either compensate with decreases on the side of the foot (on the beginning foot part), or at the back of the leg (on the leg part) or you don’t compensate at all (for the gussets).  Cool.

The yarn is from Pigeonroof Studios, who you will be hearing more about from me sometime very soon!

I finished them with the amazing and very cool SUPER stretchy cast off, which you can find here on Knitty.  Here’s another photo, and then I’m checking these off my list!

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