Brioche Knitting Class

Saturday was Nancy‘s brioche knitting class.  It was organized by the European Fiber Network.  (I guess it’s no secret that the EFN is run by Cassandra, Nancy and I.)  We had 9 students on Saturday and I think everyone really learned a lot.  Plus we had some fun of course!

The course started out with an explanation of what Brioche knitting is, what it looks like, and what the finished fabric’s characteristics are.  Then we jumped in and started knitting.

We learned to brioche with just one color first.  What is a bark and what is a burp?  How do you know which is the right side?  What stitch do I make next?  After everyone had mastered that (more or less) we went on to knitting with two colors.  And THEN increases and decreases in two colors!  By that time some students had filled their brains so full of information they couldn’t talk any more (Chatty Cathy, am I pointing at YOU?).

The class went from 10:00 – 16:00 with a short break for lunch.  I hope that everyone goes home and practices what they learned.  It was a really full day with a lot of information to absorb.  Trust me, it just takes practice and you’ll get it.  Just like anything worth learning.

At the end of the day Nancy showed us her brioche lace projects.  She is busy designing this new technique and writing up the patterns.

I’m actually knitting a new pattern, called, charmingly enough, Under Dutch Skies Brioche Scarf.  Here’s my project so far.  It’s not HARD exactly, but it takes concentration and focused attention.  I can’t watch tv and work on this.  The yarn is from Pigeonroof Studios, cashmere, alpaca and silk.  As with all lace knitting, it will look more like something once it’s blocked.  It’s hard to tell now, but it is a series of leaf patterns.  It’s going to be fabulous.

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