Busy Monday Night

Last Monday night there were 17 people at Stitch ‘n Bitch in de Jaren in Amsterdam.  SEVENTEEN!  I think it’s a record.  We had to move two of the big round tables together and still we didn’t all fit.  Three sat off to the side at a small table.  I think they liked it that way actually. 🙂

I always enjoy these evenings so much and I always end up leaving too early.  On Monday nights I wish I still lived in Amsterdam instead of so far away in Haarlem.  I feel so Dutch saying that.  A 15 minute train ride seems like so far away for most Dutch people.  Driving an hour to go somewhere is almost never done because it is so far away.  Sheesh.  It’s a small country and there are times that it feels even smaller.

It’s been a VERY busy week at work and I’ve been home late 3 nights this week.  Monday night at SnB, Thursday night doing a little clothes shopping, and Friday night at the company borrel.  The last Friday of every month the company pays for drinks and snacks at a local hotel bar.  I hardly ever go, but last night it sounded like a good way to blow off some steam from a long week.  I stood there and talked with my newest colleagues.  Newbies.  So full of enthusiasm.  That’s nice for a change.

See you at de Jaren Monday night?

2 thoughts on “Busy Monday Night

  1. Cybele March 27, 2010 / 20:20

    Is the girl next to Andy (that is Andy in the last photo isn’t it?) wearing the owl sweater?

  2. Breigh April 5, 2010 / 14:37

    Followed you here through a post on the Ravelry self hosted WP forum. I recognize Andy, I follow his blog too! 🙂 Looks like you get a nice crowd at the SNB in Amsterdam. I’m in Rotterdam and hope to join them here one of these days!

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