Not THAT Big

I started a new project Sunday night.  Monday night after SnB I was this far.  Lovely, right?  Notice anything?  There are no knitting needles in the photo.  That’s right, I pulled out the needle when I got on the train last night.  It was just too big.

You see, I made this sweater about 19 years ago.  The pattern is from Vogue Knitting Summer 1991.  Here’s my original version, made is size S.

I really want to make it again, with this lovely O-Wool Balance (50/50 wool/cotton).  I even swatched!  I thought that a size M this time around would be better.  The above piece measured 21″ (53cm) for just the back, which equals 42″ for the whole thing.  Good grief.  Now I know I’ve gained weight since August when I stopped running, but I’m never going to fill out a 42″ top.

Last night at SnB I was debating what to do about it.  I told everyone I would sleep on it and decide in the morning whether to start over or forge ahead.  I got on the train heading to Haarlem and had that thing frogged before we even got to Sloterdijk!  I had cast on for the smaller version before we got to Haarlem.

Heck, it was only 1 day’s worth of knitting that I had done.  Better to have something that fits, right?

4 thoughts on “Not THAT Big

  1. yvonnep April 13, 2010 / 15:08

    wow, this is such a lovely top, it would be so sorry if it was too big. So right decision. (your sense of color evaluated too 🙂

  2. Andy April 14, 2010 / 17:57

    1991 was 19 years ago? That’s all I can think about. My first thought was, “She got her math wrong.” Oh no! I saw you across the table talking to Ginni saying, “It looks big, doesn’t it?” It is a lovely top. Nice color. Where would I get some of that nice yarn?

  3. Frédérique April 16, 2010 / 23:09

    wow !!! It’s a marvellous vest ! Congratulations for the first one, and good luck for the second !

  4. Loret May 4, 2010 / 11:33

    Beautiful top! I second Yvonnep in that it is a right decision to reknit in the right size.

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