Green is the Garden, and the Mail

Look what came in the mail today!  Actually, what came in the mail was twice what I was expecting.  The above is a cone of 50/50 cashmere/cotton, in lace weight, which I bought from ColourMart in the UK.  It’s a 150g cone of 2/28, which means that it has about 2,300 yards.  I bought 2 cones.  I ordered them on 21 March.  After a few weeks I contacted them saying that the order never arrived.  OK, said Richard, I’ll send it to you again.  This afternoon, as I was working in the front garden, a guy came to the door with 2 packages.  TWO.  The first order and the second.

Well, it’s really beautiful yarn and I figure there’s no point paying the postage to send the extra cones back.  I’ll pay for them and keep them and maybe dyethe extra 2 a darker shade of green.  I have a really special project in mind for these green skeins.  I’m not telling you yet!

If you are wondering about ordering from Colour Mart, wonder no further.  Their customer service can’t be beat, the prices are good, and the yarn is really really nice.

Well, you can see here that I’ve started again on the summer top, and I’ve made it past 2 pattern repeats.  It’s going really quick and easy.  Making this top out of this yarn is making such a different fabric than the first one I made.  It’s so much lighter and stretchier!  I’m liking this a lot.  The yarn is O-Wool.  You will find out from me where to buy it in next weekend’s blog post.  Oooo the suspense is growing!

By the way, the above is a fair representation of the color.  My previous post photo was taken in the train and no matter what I tried on the computer I just couldn’t get it to look right.  It’s not orange.  It’s this lovely candy stripe red.  This is my official train project for the month.  At home I’m working on finishing up the little duck socks.  I should have an FO photo of those next weekend.

I spent the entire morning today working in the garden.  I can hardly move.  My back is killing me.  I dug up a lot of ivy from the front garden, plus pulled weeds, and then planted 5 tomato plants, 12 phlox plants, repotted some irises from last year and planted a black iris I bought yesterday.  I also repotted the poor camellia that is still struggling to find a spot she likes at our new house.  Last but not least I put a new house plant in a pot.

The garden is now DONE.  At least for now.  We still need to get a table and chairs for the back garden.  Maybe next weekend.  But now I can relax and enjoy it, and the weather this weekend is actually cooperating.  It’s a glorious sunny day, and now I’m going to stop sitting behind my computer and go out and enjoy it!

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