Yarn Swap Party!

This afternoon was the Yarn Swap Party in Amsterdam, sponsored by the EFN.  It was a great time!  There were quite a few people who I hadn’t met before and some people who I had only “met” on Ravelry.  It was so fun to meet other knitters and play the game.

And what a game it was!  Nancy really spiced things up with a new twist – CARDS in the middle of the floor.  Roll a 4 and draw a card.  The cards were deadly.

What a great pile of stash, right?  After round 1 everything had been picked from the middle and we took a break for drinks and food.

Then back to the game and packages were opened and passed around.  Some yarn was really loved.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  We had a quiz.  The quiz had 5 questions plus a tie breaker.  I made up the quiz.  The prize was 2 skeins of Superior Merino Possum fingering weight yarn.  Now THAT is some special yarn.  Ingrid won.  I wonder what she will make with it.  The quiz was sponsored by ….. well, you’ll have to wait another week to find out!

Do you want to know what the quiz questions were?  I’ll make that another blog post, ok?

What did I come home with?

Only this.  It’s perfect.  Marjan came today with socks she’s working on for her boys, using this yarn, especially for the World Cup coming up in June.  Football world cup.  Soccer for you Americans.  This is the Netherlands color way.  If you are in NL, you can buy this stuff from Wolhalla here.  They also have colors for Argentina, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany and England.  I want World Cup socks too!  Of course if you are American you can just as well use the French color way.  You could knit little white stars into the blue section (or duplicate stitch them in).  I’m making Dutch socks and will wear them for the Dutch games.  Hup Holland Hup!

Some people today brought, and others took home, some really nice stuff!  Some silk.  Some nice sock yarn.  Lots of green.  And then there were the yarns from “op zolder” that no one wanted. It was hilarious to see that stuff passed around from person to person.

The whole afternoon was full of laughing and yarn and very nice people I hope to see again very soon.  The next time we do this you will have to come along.

p.s. (Thanks Ginni)

2 thoughts on “Yarn Swap Party!

  1. Cybèle April 20, 2010 / 14:59

    Oooo I want orange socks for the World Cup too! What a brilliant idea – have an 8 year old who’d like that.
    Btw I peered in the window of De Afstap this weekend. Can’t believe how small it is! Shame they weren’t open, wouldn’t have minded a quick look around.

  2. yvonnep April 21, 2010 / 00:53

    I’m so glad you wanted that orange yarn – finally it shows that I’m more Belgian than Dutch…:-) It was a great afternoon.

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