Look Who Grew UP

Stella has flowered into a lovely young tree.  I’m a proud caretaker.

Stella arrived at our house in December 2008.  That winter she looked so forlorn and miserable that I knit her a sweater.  Her first summer here she had only leaves and no flowers at all.  She was too young.

Now, a little over a year after being planted in front of our house, she has flowers covering her little branches.  Hopefully these flowers will turn into cherries.  There are so many things that can go wrong before that can happen that I’m really not counting on a cherry crop this year.  I’m just happy she is flowering and growing.

It is still pretty chilly around here.  It could even still freeze at night.  We could have hard rain and hail that could knock her flowers or small cherries off.  Even if the weather cooperates, it’s possible there won’t be enough bees around to pollinate the flowers.  We have a serious shortage of bees here.  Stella is a self-pollinating cherry tree, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need help from somewhere.  Self-pollinating just means we don’t need two cherry trees that have to cross-pollinate each other’s flowers.  Sounds nasty doesn’t it.  But Stella can do it all by herself, with a little bee help.  Even if everything goes perfectly and cherries appear in place of flowers, it could still happen that one afternoon, while I’m away at work, a flock of those horrible big black birds show up and eat all the fruit in one quick sitting.  It could happen.  In Amsterdam those birds spent an afternoon perched in a tree just above where my car was parked.  I seriously couldn’t recognize my car after that one day.  It looked like someone had made a mud/crap cave out of it.  I can’t remember now what those birds are called, but they are horrible.

So, cross your fingers that the gods are with Stella and I and that we will have a small cherry crop this year.  And more every year after that.

2 thoughts on “Look Who Grew UP

  1. Lorraine April 21, 2010 / 05:00

    I hope you have a tall ladder.

  2. Christopher April 21, 2010 / 10:11

    When the cherries are almost ripe, you can throw a net over the tree (one that is light enough to let all the sunlight through). That will save all but the outermost cherries from bird thievery.

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