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No, the above tat is not from anyone I know.  I put it here because I’m just so tired of people thinking knitting is for grannies or boring people.  And I needed an image to put in the blog post where I’m only talking about a QUIZ without a photo of people taking said QUIZ.

I know you are dying to know what the knitting quiz questions are and what the answers are.  There are 5 questions plus a bonus tie break question, which I did have to use in the end.  Are you ready?  Pencils in hand?  Here we go……

  1. The first knitted items were made only of knit stitches.  When did the first purl stitch appear in knitted items?
  2. Where do these fibers come from?  Angora?  Mohair?  Qiviut?  Silk?  Linen?
  3. True or false – In the early 20th century, a drown fisherman from Ireland could be identified by the patterns in his hand knit Aran sweater.
  4. If you want to knit a sweater that is 100cm around, and you have a gauge swatch that is 20 stitches to 10cm, how many stitches will you cast on to start the back if you are knitting the front and back separately?
  5. For English speakers:  what is the Dutch word for “cast off”?  For Dutch speakers:  what is the English word for “nop”?

I read these questions aloud and the quiz takers had pieces of paper to write down their answers.  I then gathered up all the papers and checked them while everyone had drinks and snacks.

There were 2 people who got 4 of the 5 questions correct so I had to use my tie break question.  The first person who called out the correct answer won.  Tie break question….

Most knitters already know that the earliest knitted item ever found was a sock, found in Egypt, dated about the year 1,000.  But what is the name of the earlier technique, often confused for knitting, and previously thought to be the earliest knitting?  THAT precurser of knitting was called….

Who won and what did they win?  You’ll see at the bottom of the page!

Now I will show you some yarn pr0n so that you will have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page to find the answers.




Now, are you ready for the answers?  Here they are……

  1. mid 1500’s
  2. rabbits; goats; muskox; silk moths; flax plant
  3. FALSE – this is just an old wives tale
  4. 100
  5. afkanten; bobble

And the tie break question answer?  nalbinding

How many did you get right?

Ingrid was the winner and she won 2 skeins of Supreme Possum Merino yarn in denim and dusky pink colors.



Don’t you wish you were there?  🙂  Do you know of any other knitting quiz questions?  I’ve seen some on the internet but they were all aimed at people who knew very little about knitting and were mostly stitch questions or technique questions.  I knew that all the people at the swap party would find them way too easy.  What questions can you come up with?

    2 thoughts on “Knitting Quiz

    1. Cybèle April 25, 2010 / 21:53

      I’m really surprised about the fishermen’s sweaters, I always thought that was true!

    2. Andy Baker April 26, 2010 / 18:32

      Anyone who really wishes they were there is welcome to the three skeins of Panda Cotton yarn I got in the Marigras colorway – courtesy of (I’m sayin’ it!) Alex. After trying a couple of patterns, she put it in the yarn swap and like a fresh piece of gum on a hot sidewalk, I got stuck with it. What in the world can I make with this? Yellow, green and purple?

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