Just Ducky FO

Aren’t these baby socks just ducky?  I finished them today and I’m so happy with them.  The pattern is HERE on Knitty.  They are actually pretty tricky to make but the results are well worth it.

I made them using some Drops Alpaca that I had in my stash.  They took about 2/3 of one 50g skein.  I think they would actually work out better in stiffer yarn.  Wollmeise would be perfect.  But this is what I had and I didn’t have time to mess around – the baby is almost here!

You have to do a lot of applied icord on these things.  On the sides of the feet there’s icord knit on, and over the top center, around the tip of the toe and all the way under the foot is applied icord.  It makes them super cute and ducky looking.

I think I might make another pair later on.  But now I’m on to making little baby brioche booties!  It’s certainly Spring!

One thought on “Just Ducky FO

  1. Louise April 26, 2010 / 00:18

    they look fab (I want some!!)..wouldn’t it be cool if you could somehow adapt the pattern to make frog feet? (Im a big Kermit fan)

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