Bloemencorso in Haarlem

This afternoon DB and I went into Haarlem city center to see the flower floats that were part of the parade yesterday.  This is called the Bloemencorso in Dutch.  Yesterday the parade route took these floats all through the main flower bulb growing areas of western Holland.  It’s high season for flower watchers.  Today the floats were parked along the Gedempte Oude Gracht with railings around them to keep the riff-raff off.  The only people I saw going under the railings and touching things were foreign tourists.  The nerve of some people!

The weather was warm and the streets were crowded.  There’s also a kermis going on at the Grotemarkt, so it felt very festive in the city.  We wandered around and I took some photos of the floats.  The first photo below is of the winning float.

There were also bulbs, flowers and plants for sale.

After walking around and eating a tasty donerkabab, we sat at a terrace at the Botermarkt and listened to a Swing band playing.

It was a really nice afternoon wandering around Haarlem.  It was equally nice to be home again in early afternoon, away from the crowds, and enjoy our newly finished back garden.  Bas likes the new garden too.

At this moment, Sunday evening, it is lightly raining outside.  It was a lovely warm weekend and a little light rain is welcome.  The garden will be happier for it.

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