Bundles of Brioche Baby Booties

I’ve been making lots of these brioche stitch baby booties.  I’ve made 5 in fact.  No, I don’t know any 1 legged babies, it’s just that one of the booties didn’t quite make the cut.  In the photo above, the one of the far right, with the yellow in it, is the extra.  The two on the left were given to a colleague this last week as she left for maternity leave.  I made a 5th bootie to match the darker one, third from the left.  Here is the last pair together:

I made them with Drops Delight, which I suppose is the poor-man’s Noro sock yarn.  It’s 25% nylon which makes them good for throwing in the wash and good for baby items.  It is only spun at the parts where differing colors come together.  In the parts where it’s only a single color, it’s a single yarn without any spin at all.  This makes it very soft, but very easy to split and not all the pleasant to work with.  I don’t think I’ll be using it again.  For these little socks though it looks good and serves the purpose well.

The pattern can be found HERE.  I have to warn you that the English version is not very well written and you have to know how to improvise and fix a pattern in order to make it come out right.  I thought about re-writing it and sending it to the designer, but frankly I just haven’t taken the time.  Maybe she wouldn’t appreciate my taking editing liberties.  And maybe she’d be really thankful.  Pfffffffffff.  I’m busy enough…….

The above pair of booties will go to my boss, who’s girlfriend is having a baby in June.  Now, as far as I know, I am free from baby knitting for a few months!

I’m also still busy on the shell top (from Vogue Knitting 1991).

This is made with O-Wool Balance (50% wool, 50% cotton).  It’s turning out really lovely.  The yarn is so nice to work with and it’s super light and bouncy.  It will be perfect for summer in Holland.

Speaking of summer in Holland…. I hope we see it!  We had really nice weather for a few weeks in April, but the first two weeks of May have been COLD!  I refuse to get my winter coat out again and you just never know what the temperature will be in the office at work, so I haven’t felt really comfortable these weeks.  Do I need to wear a raincoat or a t-shirt?  You have to just prepare yourself for anything.  That’s spring in Holland.  Let’s hope summer is a good one like last year.

I was talking to a Spanish colleague last week and we were laughing about how Dutch summers are not predictable.  We agreed that where we come from (Barcelona and California) the summers are always the same – hot and sunny.  You can count on it.  Here, on the other hand, you could have a mostly warm and sunny summer like last year, or you could have a mostly rainy and cool summer like the year before.  You just never know.  Since we have just finished completely renovating our garden and bought garden furniture and since we are not going on any summer vacation, we’d BETTER have a nice summer.  Otherwise I might be forced to run away to Barcelona or California for a couple of weeks!

2 thoughts on “Bundles of Brioche Baby Booties

  1. Lorraine May 14, 2010 / 16:33

    You’re always welcome in California!

  2. Cybèle May 14, 2010 / 18:22

    Love the booties! (and please can we have nice summer weather in Holland last two weeks of August? I’d be ever so grateful!)

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